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HubSpot; It enables your company to work together from all marketing, sales and customer services, and offers the opportunity to manage all kinds of communication activities from A to Z from a single center. By creating your own marketing strategy with Hubspot marketing methodology, you can use all channels effectively and manage your budget wisely.

smart content production and management, increased traffic, leads, purchasing process, analysis and reporting, SEO support, brand interaction and much more with the new generation marketing methodology …


Who are we?

In 2000, we stepped into the world of communication, in fact, we did creative communication studies for different agencies and companies and gathered under the roof of 2KLIK on November 3, 3 years ago. We are a 360-degree communication agency working behind your brand so that you can compete in the world of communication where technology leads brands and the consumer encounters an average of 10,000 messages per day and you can make your voice heard to your target audience. Sometimes we witness the birth of a brand, sometimes we make it grow, sometimes we find it. Sometimes we witness the birth of a brand, sometimes we make it grow, sometimes we find it. We analyze your national or international brand, blend our steps with creativity according to the marketing strategies determined accordingly, but most importantly, we always do our job with team spirit. We like to achieve the goal, make a difference and offer the best solution.

How we work?

We differentiate you by using the most effective communication tools according to your needs by blending smart contents suitable for your brand's target audience with creativity. how do we do here are some ...
Situation Analysis
We care about doing situation analysis, which is one of the first steps to success, and we progress by mapping your situation with many factors such as the industry you operate in, the product or service you produce, and competitors.
Creating Effective Content
The most important step in attracting the attention of your target audience and arousing curiosity in the digital marketing world is attractive and effective content. Nowadays, consumers choose to receive information about the product or service through quality content. We say the content is "everything".
Target Audience Determination
Who are your products and services for? It is very important to determine who you are addressing, because instead of sending a general message, we act by producing content that is shaped according to the age, location, culture that the consumer is really interested in.
Using the Most Appropriate Communication Tools
Instead of using all existing channels to reach the goal, we provide reach to your customers through social media channels, website, e-mail, etc. tools that you can reach the target audience, for example, the biggest player in the digital marketing world.
Creating a Marketing Strategy
Enable companies, brands and teams to structure their strategies by providing the latest information and the right vision about the prospects and opportunities offered by digital. The digital strategy must be consistent and consistent with the offline marketing strategy and represent its heart at the planning stage.
Analysis and Reporting
In order to progress in line with the marketing strategy, we measure the process and what is done at regular intervals and make the necessary optimizations, evaluate the campaign performance and take the necessary measures.

Let's catch the opportunities of the digital market together

we strive to differentiate in the growing digital market with an average of more than a million new users every day


billion internet users


billion mobile users


billion social media users


billion mobile social media users

What are we doing?

Inbound Marketing
Inbound marketing encompasses a number of digital marketing efforts to provide potential content for the purpose of creating potential customers and to attract potential customers to your website with different channels. We design templates specially created for your target audience, write blogs, edit landing pages, website pages and e-mails, and use them actively. We measure, optimize and monitor the performance of the contents. We are writing a success story in the form of turning the customer who meets her interest into sales, creating brand loyalty and measuring the whole process.
Social Media Management
In our digitalized world, it requires professionalism to be in contact with the consumer, to be on digital channels and to express yourself and to carry out this process. Channels like every social media platform, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and others may not be right for your target audience. According to your strategy, we create interesting content at the right place and time for your right audience, and format, measure and report with special designs.
Web Design and Consulting
The world is changing, technologies are changing, customer expectations are changing, products are changing faster than ever. It is very difficult to impress your target audience and create brand loyalty with a stable website at this time when this dizzying change is happening rapidly. In order to create potential customers, to keep your customers, to make your brand searchable, we are working to ensure that your website has an active structure that is mobile compatible, quality of the site content and updated, search engine optimized, and compatible with the expectations of the fast and constantly changing world.
Creating Corporate Identity
Creating a brand corporate identity is a long-term process. It reflects the perception of the brand, which is tried to be created on the consumer side of the brand, with the right marketing strategies, appropriate communication channels, a defined target audience and the right message created, and a similar budget. 2Klik allows you to create a brand culture by watching and listening to your consumers closely, from logo to website, from marketing strategy to reporting, in the stages of creating, developing and strengthening your brand corporate identity.
SEO Management
You can contribute to your brand success by getting SEO (Search Engine Optimization) studies and management services in order to generate qualified traffic to your brand's website and ensure that your website is ranked first in the search engine result pages.
Google and Social Media Ad Management
In line with the strategy we will create for your brand with Google and social media ads, we make your product and brand visible. Not all social media platforms may be right for your target audience. We shape it with designs that are specific to interesting content at the right place and time for your right audience. Reaching a specific audience on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Youtube depends on successful social media strategies. To achieve this, our team effectively manages measurable google and social media ads with affordable budgets, engaging content, design and updates.
Photo and Video Production
In our digitalized era, the way to reach your consumers who are exposed to an advertisement in almost 6 seconds to 3,000 to 20,000 messages per day, to attract attention to your brand, products or services may sometimes be a single frame photo or a video that will shoot it from the heart in the first 3 seconds. In this crowd, we succeed in being able to interact with your target audience by both being noticed and reflecting your brand image correctly.

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